Sunday, October 14, 2012

Summer Diversion 16x12

Summer Diversion   16x12   Pastel    $900 Framed

I've just finished "Summer Diversion" inspired by a lovely scene at Hood River, Oregon recently. I'll enter this along with two other paintings in the Society of Washington Artists Fall 2012 Members Show October 18-20.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


"Photographer" 12x16  Pastel
This is a very personal painting. My father enjoyed photography as a hobby from the time he was a young man.   I remember him with his trusty camera at every family occasion and vacation, as my two sisters and I were instructed to pose. He had collected many cameras over the years, from the old Brownie, to the latest digital. But, about a year after suffering a stroke, he decided it was time to part with his collection.  It was difficult for him to hold a camera steady and he felt he had no need for them, anymore.  Sadly, we each selected one antique camera as a keepsake. Before the collection was  distributed, I asked Dad if he would pose for me with his cameras.  We had a good time, as he mimicked us as kids, being uncooperative in front of the camera. And he was patient with me while I tried a gazillion poses. This is the one, though, that I had to paint... it's Dad, the the way he's always been, preparing his camera for the next photo opportunity.

I am honored that "Photographer" has been accepted to be on exhibit in the Northwest Pastel Society Members Show 2012. It won a Juror's Choice Award and  is on exhibit at Columbia Center For the Arts, Hood River, Oregon until October 28th.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Plein Air Painting

I've enjoyed a little plein air painting in the beautiful Northwest this summer. Here are a few of the results...
Lake Fishing 8x10
My husband and I often enjoy the pleasant surroundings at Battle Ground Lake, WA. He likes to fish along the shore, while I's a perfect arrangement, it you ask me.

Waterfront Park   8x8
The sky & water were the most intense blue on this beautiful warm day which inspired many outdoor activities in Hood River, Oregon, including boating, wind surfing, bicycling, and of course, plein air painting!

White Clematis    9x12
My artist friend, Mikiko graciously shared her beautiful garden with me and we enjoyed a lovely day amongst a wide variety of flowers. We were both compelled to paint these showy white Clematis.